I always felt out of phase. Sometimes I wondered if I was really material. I didn't feel like I could pass through walls. But I did feel like maybe walls could pass through me. Other people seemed to drift around me. They were the flock, the swarm, the river. I was a disturbance. A perturbation.... Continue Reading →


Becoming Visible

"Masking" in Clinical Literature The concept of "Masking" or "Camoflauging" autism in order to "fit in" has begun to show up in clinical literature in recent years. But we as autistic people have been aware of and writing about the phenomenon of masking for a very long time. Both of masks shaped by brutal training,... Continue Reading →

We need to talk about “support”.

There is a... We'll call it a theme. There's a theme in parenting groups in general, but most especially in parenting groups for parents of autistic children. That theme looks like this: It looks like group descriptions that include "This is a place for autism parents to seek support and advice." "This is a safe... Continue Reading →

Ally Paternalism in Autism Advocacy

Autism Wareness Month 2018 is rapidly approaching. And already in March we've had several.... Incidents... Of advocacy gone awry. There's the usual sort of paaarent nonsense. Parents making their autistic kid into a spectre of dashed hopes for the American dream (of seeing elmo in a crowded amphitheater... Just as a random completely unprecedented and... Continue Reading →

My body is not your empathy gimmick

Today is Autistics Speaking Day 2017. It is the day we flash-blog in an attempt to tease out higher SEO ratings than the anti-autistic “autism warrior” “I love my child but I hate my child’s autism” establishment of autism “advocacy” - a stunt to try and snag more eigenbuddies than our oppressors so that parents... Continue Reading →

The child I might have had

There are moments, when my daughter is playing, brief flashes, as she repeats the same string of words while rocking, or when she is singularly concerned with the order of objects in her view, or when she has a predetermined course for her body to follow that is not quite efficient... Tiny glimmers Of the... Continue Reading →

Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation 

Moving beyond connotations of grief to arrive at the acceptance paradigm. Something that happens when I try to talk about acceptance in meatspace, be it autistic or other disabilities, people always seem to make the same face. Their eyes go glassy and their mouths form a line and it goes a little wobbly and maybe... Continue Reading →

There are Autistic Paaarents 

It's time to talk about Autistic Parenting Support Spaces and anti-autistic brutality. Many of us have heard about Paaarents. These are the "my kid's autism is so hard for meeeee" folks. The "I love my kid but I hate autism" folks. The "we don't want little Timmy to become dependent on supports" folks. The "you're... Continue Reading →

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