“My Therapist Said…” (Guest Post)

The following is a guest post by an anonymous contributor. My therapist said that I am not in touch with my feelings. That I don’t allow them to reach me. It confused me. Clearly, I know how I feel. I know my emotions. What was she talking about? Sure, I cut them off. I put... Continue Reading →

Why the Jellyfish

I am fascinated by the way we talk about other life. I am fascinated by the linguistic richness we are capable of, and how alternately we bless or deprive other life of this richness. We are supposed to be amazed by jellyfish because they are such complex creatures, capable of swarm coordination, and even apparently... Continue Reading →

What to DO about Autism Acceptance

This year I'm going to share a list of ACTIONS you can do at the local level to cultivate a culture of acceptance for the autistic people in your community. These are things you can do whether or not you are autistic, but most of these require collaboration with autistic and allistic people. If you... Continue Reading →

Beware what you Conjur

What power circulates in the casual use of ableist language and slurs? There have been many posts about ableist language and slurs-- what their historical origins are and how and why they are harmful. I will link some at the end of this very brief piece. I am adding my own thoughts to the list.... Continue Reading →

Sometimes Simple will Suffice

The story of my first word begins when I'm 2 years old and I'm sitting on the floor in my paternal grandmother's apartment. I'm stacking blocks on the rug in front of the bay window. My mother has come to get me. She is talking to my grandmother about something, and they hear the blocks... Continue Reading →

Guide to Therapy

With any therapy, please advocate for the careful construction of goals. If the goals are defined along the lines of "reducing disruptive behavior" or similar - this approach undermines the autonomy, self-determination, and self-efficacy of your child. If the goals are instead "identify and understand sources of distress and develop self-advocacy skills" Then your child... Continue Reading →


I always felt out of phase. Sometimes I wondered if I was really material. I didn't feel like I could pass through walls. But I did feel like maybe walls could pass through me. Other people seemed to drift around me. They were the flock, the swarm, the river. I was a disturbance. A perturbation.... Continue Reading →

Becoming Visible

"Masking" in Clinical Literature The concept of "Masking" or "Camoflauging" autism in order to "fit in" has begun to show up in clinical literature in recent years. But we as autistic people have been aware of and writing about the phenomenon of masking for a very long time. Both of masks shaped by brutal training,... Continue Reading →

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