Safety During Protest – Accessible Version

This is a screen-reader accessible version of Amnesty International's Safety During Protest content, converted by Elizabeth McLain. What to Do: Plan ahead: For essential needs, care and supplies. Know what to expect. Know how to get assistance. Plan for how to re-contact your buddies if separated.Be calm and focused: when things get most intense, react... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Streets – Accessible Version

This is a screen-reader accessible version of the "26 ways to be in the struggle beyond the streets" content. This conversions was provided by Jane Berliss-Vincent. Beyond the Streets 26 Ways to Be In the Struggle Contributors: Piper Anderson. Kay Ulanday Barrett, Ejeris Dixon. Ro Garrido, Emi Kane. Bhavana Nancheria, Deesha Narichania, Sabelo Narasimhan, Amir... Continue Reading →

Matthew Kopp – Pandemic Series Feature

Matthew Kopp engages his community in theatrical expression crafted to heal and uplift both performers and audiences. The theatre group, Tellin' Tales, is an inclusive organization that authentically involves disabled actors and creators in their performances. I am excited to see what online community Tellin' Tales develops in the time of Corona.

Desmond Abrams – Pandemic Series Feature

Desmond Abrams is a black disabled working class man man fighting and dreaming for a future without the dystopia of white supremacy and colonialsm. Abrams is lead organizer of Brothers Doing Better, and org devoted to healing BIPOC men in a time of toxic white masculinity. I am humbled and grateful for his work, his existence, his passion and fervor... He's really cool yall.

Why the Jellyfish

I am fascinated by the way we talk about other life. I am fascinated by the linguistic richness we are capable of, and how alternately we bless or deprive other life of this richness. We are supposed to be amazed by jellyfish because they are such complex creatures, capable of swarm coordination, and even apparently... Continue Reading →

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