PCIT is not what you think

The following in an excerpt from a letter I wrote to our play therapist about our experiences with the Parent-Child Interaction Therapy our pediatrician referred us to. Our play therapist agrees, this therapy is not what it seems. Our family was referred to Parent Child Interaction Therapy at [location redacted] after I expressed concern to... Continue Reading →


I’m so SO glad I wasn’t diagnosed as a child

(and you might be too) I’m so SO glad I wasn’t diagnosed as a child. When I first came to understand myself as Autistic, I do admit one of my first thoughts was, “Why didn’t anybody NOTICE.” In the flood of recontextualized memories, I was hurt to think back on all the scary, difficult, and... Continue Reading →

It takes a village

The following is a supportive statement I drafted in response to Amy Sequenzia's recent Facebook post regarding Trump Care-less and its impact on disabled autonomy and safety. Parents of Autistic children, take note: When you talk about "My child will never be independent" as a rebuttal to Autistic Advocates that speak for radical acceptance, you... Continue Reading →

The Competency Paradox: Reproductive Rights

I saw something yesterday that made me catch my breath and it's sat stuck inside my chest for 24 hours. Content warning: sterilization There was a post floating around of a woman photographing her body and talking about the agonizing and dehumanizing process she had to go through to get sterilized. That she had to... Continue Reading →

I am a Jedi

I used to "joke" that I had PTSD from working at a call center in high school. I used to do this to excuse my significant lack of skill at using phones. I don't joke about it anymore. Firstly, because making a joke out of a serious condition is rude. Secondly, because it might actually... Continue Reading →

Neurotribes is not perfect

This is a review and critique of Steve Silberman's Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity. Neurotribes is often hailed as the introductory book to understanding autism. (Disclosure: I have done my fair share of hailing.) No doubt, it is a valuable book. But there are enough flaws that I feel compelled... Continue Reading →


I don't know if it's fibromyalgia, arthromyalgia, tardive akathisia, hypermobile subtype EDS, whole body restless limb syndrome, or something else. I don't know if it's been there all my life, or if it's new. If it's new, I'm pretty sure it started 10 years ago. All I know is, it's on right now. And it's... Continue Reading →

Schrödinger’s Autistic, Part 3

I tried to keep very still. I was extra focused on keeping my facial muscles contained in a neutral, but attentive expression. I made sure to look at her face as she spoke to me. All the things I’ve learned to do when someone is saying something very, very, important.

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